This is a very touchy subject. Innovation creates captilaism. When does credit for innovation cease. If we step back and look at the world market from 30,000 don't hear Toyota giving credit to Henry Ford for the auto with each model roll out. You don't hear GE thanking Edison for the light bulb. This rant could go on and on. Patent law and copyright engfringement....I'm no attorney. Is it worth it to patent a Whoopie sling? Is it patented? Most of the related products discussed here are for such a niche market, I don't think the extra legal protection is financially justifiable. With all this being said, keep the innovation coming. The quote about older members not posting their ideas anymore bothers me. If you have a great idea and keep it to yourself and don't develop it commercially, shame on you. Make a deal with and existing manufacturer and let's see innovation. I wish I was half as creative as the vendors in this industry. You have a unique ability to see a situation and come up with a better or alternate option. Most of us recognize this and will buy the product from YOU. However it is a global economy/market and some people just want the cheapest price. Remember these products are not commodities, so quality usually out weighs price. Don't let copy cats stifle invention or revelation.