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    Worse than a Newbie - Question -

    The Title says it all .. I'm worse than a Newbie because I have not purchased my Camping Hammock as of yet .. BUT I do believe I have narrowed my choice down to a Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock Deluxe ... so I have been reading and reading researching and researching and watching as many videos as I can find on Hammock camping .. I have noticed the mosquito netting is rather close to ones face .. and I think I have read that there is some [maybe not a lot] of netting that could be pulled upwards towards a ridgeline .. I recently found these Grip Clips and thought possibly one or two of these placed strategically in the mosquito netting along with a piece of appropriately length 3/32" shockcord afixed to a ridgeline might help pull the mosquito netting up a tad bit .. So I know this is kinda puttin the cart before the horse .. but does this sound like a viable solution to a problem that I am anticipating .. realizing that once I am inside the BMBH this may not be an issue .. thanks for your patience .. Glenn in Phx.

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    I think that would work great if the need arises.

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