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    eno double d green blue fast sale 80 for both items plus ship

    hello forums hanger whos run into some issues with home life
    and is looking to move his eno double deluxe

    its used no carabiners the tie wrap has been taken off but still comes with it
    has a few impressions in the material looks like some one with keys or something alittle shark has put indents into the material no actual cuts or anything like that but its weird looks like itty stretch marks on a person kinda u know when u got a beer belly and u get th elittle ones along ur stomack and love handle area kinda like that hard to get a picture with no camera atm

    this is a quick sale first person who says they want it i will confirm them then send the money pay pal
    i will ship it out asap enless its sunday which is tommorow

    you ask why sell this is my back yard baby basically and well things are on edge around here and so its just in the way needs to go type deal

    full money back if ur scared of the little imperfections but mind you i still sit in it gf and friends its not ripped or gotten bigger it might even be from manufactorer i never really looked closely at it when i got it new from rei 90 plus tax

    for the right price i can throw in a nice air mattress i got from 30 bucks at big 5

    its alittle dirty ill clean it before i send it

    update 80 for both plus 5 bucks shipping paypal only ship any where us out side of us u pay the extra fees for ship and insurance
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