(from a new hanger) - Received my 11' x 68" Dangerbird yesterday, set it up on back porch, hopped in to test, and found that I'd snoozed for 1.5 hours. Woke up refreshed. Slept in it last night; slept through the night and even fought off desire for an early morning bio-break; was just too fricken comfortable to get up.

I've spent thousands on beds over the years, from a Nature's Rest latex to my current (space-foam-top) sleep number bed. Always awake with slight stiffness in lower back; have to do that pull knees to chest thingy to loosen up the 55 year-young hip joints. When I got up this morning, I had zero, zero stiffness in my lower back and hamstrings. Slept on my back and sides; all good.

Overnight temp - mid to high 50s


- WB Superfly tarp - overhangs hammock by ~1' either side.
- Hammock Gear 40* Burrow - M50 material. Like having a cloud over me; light and warm.
- Hammock Gear pillow on a string - best 30 bucks spent, ever.

Underneath (betwix layers) - Exped DownMat 7 UL (l+W version); 5+ warmth Rating. With just a bit of air, it conformed perfectly to the lay angle and makes makes the system feel like a pillow-top hammock. I'm thinking this mat will augment the 40* Incubator nicely for colder weather. Will be test-fitting the Incubator today; Randy included some nice quilts hooks for adjusting the UQ.

Thanks go out to PapaSmurf. Great communications; great product.