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    Round foot box dimensions for PLTQ

    Hey folks. I recently sewed my own Poncho Liner Top Quilt and decided to go with a round foot box.

    This project takes more than one poncho liner to make. You need extra material for the round piece at the bottom. I had some scrap poncho liner material hanging around and used that...I suppose you could use any material for this...

    In order to make the circle for the base of the foot box you first have to figure out how big it needs to be. (Remember back in High School when you stated/asked your Mom, " This Math stuff is stupid...does it have any real use or purpose?!"

    The steps:

    1. Measure the length along the short end of the poncho to determine the circumference (how big around the circle needs to be). This is 62 inches.

    2. Once you determine the circumference, you can determine the diameter (how far it is across the center of the circle).

    formula: circumference = 3.14 x diameter

    The diameter = 19 3/4 "

    3. I wanted to stick a string in the center of a piece of cardboard so that I could trace the circle out, and I needed to know how long the string had to be. I needed the radius...simply 1/2 of the diameter.

    The radius = 9.875"

    You can see from the photos below that the rest is pretty straightforward.

    The Top Quilt ends up retaining all of its length which is approx 82"...ergo ipse, this is a good way to go if you are a tall person.

    I have size 11 feet and the foot box is extremely roomy.

    Piece of cake!

    Weighs in at 24 ounces.

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