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    Nantahala River Gorge & AT Hike-n-Hang - Sept 22-30

    Hey folks - so I'm planning on heading out to the the Nantahala River for the annual GAF @ NOC -

    I plan on spending some leisure time on the AT from around the 22 - 27/28 - then hitting a river or two for a day or so of whitewater, and then hanging out at the grandaddy of all garage sales, drinking some beers - and having fun with some friends - through the following sunday (30th).

    I'd love it if I had some company on the trail - and maybe even on the river - and of course, feel free to come check out the all gear on sale (you can find some purdy gud stuff there - I got a JetBoil Sol Ti for $50 last year)

    I don't have 'specific' dates yet as I'm not sure when I'm leaving work and when I'm driving up - but the closer it gets, and the more interest that is shown the more firm the dates will become - Maybe you can't come hang/hike but for a day, or two - that's cool - come on anyways for as long as you can -

    I'll probably have a trail 'itinerary' the closer the it gets - but I'll probably either go SoBo to the NOC from somewhere 3-4 days north or start at the NOC and make a loop; I'll probably do anywhere from 5-16 miles a day(if I'm alone) depending on how the day goes, when i wake up, etc...

    Anywho... I'll be up there - anybody interested in meeting up for a hang and some hiking? Anybody that lives near I-95 in Jawja or Souf Cackalacky that would need a ride up? (PM me, we'll see if we can't make it happen)
    Any Cackalacky locals - com'on Ashvegas - represent...
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    We all know of the original "Walk off the war" thru-hike - but, check out these guys, they're helping folks 'walk off the war' today -
    Donate to help fund gear for the warriors who are coming back home and need help walking off the war!

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