Not new to hanging, just the forum. Thanks for putting it out there for everyone. I've found a few things in a short time that I had not thought of in lots of years of Hanging. While traveling I've hung in every climb and place that I could take my hammock. Here are some of the reasons I hang.

Ground dwelling:
[/LIST]brings you closer to nature

· I love bringing dirt home in all of my sleeping gear

· I can always find a rock or something cold to sit on

· Mother nature will always provide a lump for a pillow

· Waking to a sticky bush pillow makes for great bed head that lasts all day:

· Pad hunting in the middle of the night is one of my favorite pastimes (sometimes I do it all night)

· When sleeping on a hillside you can always hug a tree:boggle

· When your back hurts in the morning you don’t have to worry about falling down getting out of bed

· Knowing that I kept a family of scorpions warm all night makes me feel good

· Snuggling with snakes is a great adrenaline rush

“Hanging” out:

· I don’t have to pack a chair

· “A little” distance between me and nature is a good thing

· If my back hurts in the morning I can just go back to sleep

· I always have a soft place to lay my head

· Hangin’ out is fun to do

· I still like being rocked to sleep

· Hugging a tree doesn’t mean I have to wrap myself around it to stay on the side of the hill

· The view is always better with some elevation

· No critters have tried to “snuggle” with me (yet)

· I like making my friends jealous

What causes your hangin' hankerin'?