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    Quilt clips

    I got to meet Matt From UK Hammock a couple weeks ago while in Europe. I brought back some treats and one in peticular is going on my site. These are a tiny side release buckle designed specifically for hammock quilts.
    They were designed to connect your quilt to your suspension, ridgeline or your triangle thingies. The hole on each end will fit 1/8th amsteel, it can be sewn or it will fit shockcord. Add a mini cord lock and you will have an ajustable quilt suspension. If you put the male end on one side of your quilt ad the female end on the other you will never mix up which end is head/foot ends again. They weigh 1 gram each and are plenty strong.

    These thing have all sorts of DIY applications. I put one on my pack and the mating part on my bandanna so my bandanna has its home. There are so many creative ideas waithing for these that I have only begun to find places to use them.
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