last night was my maiden voyage for my new spindrift.i found the set up to be quite simple,there is plenty of room and i didnt feel closed in.i could make out a little detail of what was outside with a bright moon but not much more than shadows.the air inside was quite a bit warmer than outside with it zipped up ,and with it unzipped it really blocked the wind well while still having fresh air.getting in and out is not a got down in the low 30s and i kept checking for condensation im happy to report that there was none.i have a little boston terrier that was a drop off dog.she goes everywhere with me, but with short hair she gets cold easy so i let her in the hammock with me .she is pretty mellow in the bb and will lay pretty still,but in the rr she freaks from the center of gravity change.last night while freaking out and trying to jump out she slid between the side and the spindrift winding up below the hammock in the spindrift.the only thing she hated more than that was being pulled back out like a like to think that was the first rr bunk bed attempt lol.i think the spindrift will be nice this winter,but wish that i could remove and store it for quick set up when needed kind of like the bug netting.