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    you can't remove them one at a time, you have to remove both together, same goes for putting them back on

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    might see if i can add an internal loop somewhere on the next batch

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    webbing and rings
    Great to hear about the drip strings for the bugnetting lines.

    Do the suspension triangles need something as well or do the spreader bar buckles work well enough to deflect rain runoff?

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    the spreader bar buckles may do the job, but i wan't sure so that's what the drip strings are for. you'd just rig the shockcord for the bugnet to the ends of your tarp and it should stay dry

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    up and away

    Quote Originally Posted by warbonnetguy View Post
    it needs to be pulled upward as much as possible... i think trying to rig something off the suspension triangle would put the attachment point too low to lift the net properly
    I haven't had any issue attaching it to the triangle - had plenty of room to put something under my head and read a book (love this aspect by the way, including the book size pockets!). It seems to me that simply having it taut between both ends provides plenty of lift.

    Now, this might require shortening the bugnet shockcord, but I would think all you would need is about a foot of small line with a hook (to get the connection under a normal size tarp), which should not change the angle of the bugnet line connection, and, therefore, would not be lower in terms of lift. The connection between the two lines would break the water line. And it seems to me that it also provides a more intuitive connection for the bugnet than attaching the head end up at the tree or tarp, though I agree the tarp connection should be optimal in terms of lift.

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    i find that i don't get enough "lift" on the net when attaching head end bug net cord directly to the apex buckle (fine at foot end) it would depend on how tight you have the hammock hung i think though...the tighter it is, the less vertical distance to the apex buckle. we gave a moderate amount of shockcord, should be enough to get to the tree most times if you don't have a tarp up. if the trees are bigger or farther, you might have to extend with guyline, figured that would be easier than dealing with a really long piece always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warbonnetguy View Post
    we're including a 28" piece of string now for drip strings.

    also, the cloudburst tarp has a ring underneath that you can attach the netting line to so it stays under the tarp and allows you to get a steeper angle on the shockcord for better upward pull. another option would be to attach to the end of your tarp, that should keep the shockcord covered as well
    I didnt know about the loop on the underside of the clousburst. I was trying to get a tarp custom made for me with such an attachment from a forum sponser here, but never heard back from them. I agree that the steeper slope for the net line is the best option.

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    yeah, it's like 25" in or something like that (can't remember the exact spec) at both ends

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    I am a side sleeper, and would love to try one before spending 200 on one. Wonder if anyone in Ohio has one I can look at?


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    we do have a 60-day return policy, you'd just be out the shipping

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