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    AE M90 Cub Pillow & me

    Ordered the Cub Pillow with Momentum 90 cover b/c I knew this fabric is simply adorable, and all prior equipment/accessories from AE were well made, functional, and just simply neat. Plus this gang is outstanding to work with.

    The pillow ordered came with at least twice the stuffing it needed, and was way too hard for both my wife and myself. Thought about disassembling it, but had serious doubts regarding my skills to do so.

    Contacted AE and they offered the have me return it for credit to my account, OR exchange it for other gear, OR remove half of the stuffing for me.

    I selected this third option as I really wanted the pillow, but wanted it to be comfortable for me.

    Within about one week of returning the pillow I have it back and I am totally satisfied.

    The Momentum 90 pillow is like resting my head on a cloud.

    Arrowhead Equipment provided me with very prompt, courteous service as well as an excellent product. I highly recommend them. Check them out.

    Did I say that I love my M 90 Cub pillow.

    I love my M 90 CUB PILLOW !!!

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    Cool - good to hear, I was eyeing one of these, but wasn't too sure of it, now I think I'm pretty set on getting one, thx for the review
    We all know of the original "Walk off the war" thru-hike - but, check out these guys, they're helping folks 'walk off the war' today -
    Donate to help fund gear for the warriors who are coming back home and need help walking off the war!

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