I am very excited to see a second manufacturer rolling out an alternate bridge hammock design for the mass market.

There have always been many manufacturer's of gathered end hammocks which tended to help produce innovation. Would like to see a similar outcome for bridge hammock design.

Also the WB BB's great reputation seems to getting people to be open to giving the bridge design style a look (or a second look)

Over the years, JRB has changed their bug netting arrangement and offered an alternative to their standard tri-glide suspension system. If there were other evolutions, please add them.

For a cursory review of the WB RR photos, I see the following difference compared to the JRB BMBH:

- tapered width vs. fixed width
- bug netting stand-off attachment and associated cordage
- different suspension system
- hammock sock option
- saddlebag pockets

Are there other differences? Are each of these design changes an improvement?

I have always been impressed with the ability of HF posters to discuss different designs without it becoming ugly. Hope we can do that in this thread.