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    Your question posed a lot of discussion. We are all different, some people I think own or have owned at least on of everything on the market. As with everything there is a bit of class distinction. I know everything and everyone equal, however as humans, we classify (Rate) every thing, our vehicles, homes, spouse, school. Just human behavior.

    Funny thing is what the majority puts at the top, changes, every so often. Many people put ENO at the bottom of the list, or say a "starter hammock". The interesting thing is that most of us own one, and are loyal to it in a funny sort of way.

    We are all built a little different, tall, short, average, large frame to down right thin 5% body fat. We all have different expectations of what we want in a hammock. There are also folks that want the newest hammock on the market, or the newest fabric. Some folks want to be able to do all sorts of modifications to their gear.

    Your choices of what you want will change as you hang around. That is another thing about us humans, we change our wants, we tend to go from needs to wants.

    I would look at how people feel about the customer service from the different manufactures. Do they really stand behind their product. Is it possible to have the manufacturer repair any equipment you purchase from them? What will the cost of having something repaired be, how much for shipping, do you pay shipping both ways, is the company in the USA, or another country.

    I had a problem with a ENO hammock, it was out their guarantee, yet they were very helpful, the problem was with the biner, not the hammock, they sent me a shinny new biner, I received it three days after the phone call. That built loyality in my mind. I have up end hammocks but I really like the after purchase service from ENO.

    I have found that I dislike being zipped into my hammock, the netting on my hammock has to go. I am building my own hammock, it will have a zipper all the way around for the bug netting, I am also doing a double bottom. But that is a choice I made after 6 years of hanging. It is frequently cold and wet where we hang most often, we need insulation year around. In warmer climates you may not want the extra layer, then again, the skeeters do not bite through two layer as well. Although sometimes I wonder.

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    I havent been at this long. So far I only have a Grand Trunk and a Lawson BR. I like them both, but they are vet different. In spite of the larger size and weight of the Lawson, I'm liking it the best and will take it on my next trip.

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