I have been reading in this forum, and the various sites that extend from this site, about the different types and brands of hammocks. I can understand the difference between cheap and expensive, bridge or standard ( not sure the right term) and I understand that with most of these there are a numerous amount of mods and accessories.

So my questions is what makes people in this forum favor one brand over another? Why is warbonnet so much better then hennessey or clark? I know jrb makes a different type but do they stand alone ( i read the wb is making a bridge that may or may not be out soon). I am not saying people don't own a hennessey or clark or dd or clayton, but the overwhelming tone of most of these forums is WBBB or JRB BMBH and this may be for very good reasons.

I am also aware that in theory I could make my own hammock, but I am already worry about sleeping in something based on my ability to tie a knot. I am sure I will get over it and I am sure i have the ability to make one, but to get started I am planning on buying something.