I have several and choose them according to need. For car camping especially in the colder months I'll usually bring my Clark 250 because it has a weather shield....it's a little heavy for backpacking. For backpacking in the colder months or in inclement weather....I bring my Dangerbird because it's lightweight and has a weather-shield in addition to the bug-net. For summer, both car camping and backpacking I often choose my Switchback....fairly light comfy and airy. When I'm feeling retro, I break out my Claytor Jungle Hammock.

Of those mentioned....if I had to choose one for all seasons etc it would probably be the Dangerbird for it's total versatility. It's lightweight, comfy and has both a regular bug netting and a weather-shield for when it's cold and/or windy.

To me the weather shield is very important unless you are mainly a summer hanger.

Good luck with your choice, Miguel