In response to the OP about the WBBB vs HH. I had a similar train of thought when I started shopping for my first hammock. I couldnt decide between the 2. Understanding that there were other hammock options out there, those 2 vendors seem best fit for me.

After watching many many videos of people reviewing the WBBB I decided it wasnt for me. Mainly because the one common thing I noticed people having trouble with was the guy-lines interfering with entry and exit of the hammock. It reminded me of my toddler trying to put his own shirt on for the first time. It looked very irritating for the user to deal with these wings/guy-lines that you had to crawl under to enter the hammock. I wanted to make sure I got a hammock that was easy to enter and exit and could be used like a chair as well. Not that you couldnt use a WBBB as a chair but entry and exit just were not appealing.

So on to the HH. Well the bottom entry may seem cool but after watching a bunch of videos and reading peoples comments, I figured out that the bottom entry system would get old real fast. So HH was out? Not quite. HH had a different version of their hammocks and that was the Side entry zip. Perfect. I get the A-sym which I like, but some may not, and I can use it as a chair and get in an out of it with ease.

If I had followed the hype of the crowd, I would have gone with a WBBB and would have had to convince myself every time I crawled in and out of it that I made the right decision. Another factor was the cost. Its quite a bit more cost to get into a complete system with WB then HH. You should compare the cost when all is said an done.

Beware of the hype. I ran out and bought amsteel and made whoopie slings after being convinced it was the only way to go for suspensions. Now im back to Webbing and Rings and the whoopies are packed away.

The first thing you are gonna wanna do after buying a hammock is customize it. Next thing your gonna wanna do is DIY your own.

Hope this helps alittle.