Ok Peeps ... i got the OK for a trip in Sept
The plan is to hike from 183 to Eagles nest shelter Spend the night(sat night) there and than hike from eagles nest to Port Clinton on Sun the 23
this is an easy hike total miles 15 with no big hills if you want to hike in to Eagles nest for the night and back out to 183 that is fine as well since there is a utility road that is only 3 miles to the parking area so it's an even easier hike for those not wanting to hike to Port Clinton
but my Plan is to Hike to Port Clinton since i need to finish this section up
this is a rain or shine hike so bring the rain gear
this is my last hike of the season ... Archery starts in Oct and El prego is due to POP the end of Oct as well so once the baby gets here no hiking till the spring
we can set up car pools before hand depending on how many are hiking with me on Sun