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    welcome to the forum from Tennessee!

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    Hi all. Me again. I never did get a hammock. Life got in the way and loads of things have happened in our life that meant a lot of things had to be put on the back burner for a while.

    I did meet a member of this forum though which was great and and I also met with some of the guys from Natural Bushcraft and we went camping for the weekend and one of them lent me a Tenth Wonder Hornet for the night so I have now seen and indeed slept in a hammock.

    It was great and I slept really well. My interest in hammock is still strong and I will be buying my first hammock in the next couple of weeks.

    I have decided to get a DD Frontline hammock. it was a toss up between the DD and the Hornet but thee frontline won out because the bug net zips down both sides so is a little more versatile.

    Anyway, hello again.


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    Welcome from another Noob and English-speaking cousin from Southwest Illinois, USA. I took my first solo hang a few days ago and found it to be the most comfortable way to enjoy the outdoors that I have ever tried. In my investigations on hammock camping / bushcrafting, I've watched many Youtube channels on the subject. From the UK (and the Continent), I've enjoyed Outdoor 101, Wiltshireman, MCQBushcraft, Wildsoul62, SurvivalLily (Austria), and Bribo. Across the pond I've enjoyed Shugemery, Fronkey Adventures, Far North Bushcraft and Survival, Kenneth Click, and Martyupnorth. I hesitate to even mention specific channels because I know I've left out many great folks. My apologies to those I've overlooked and please, fellow forum posters, feel free to add your favorites.
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