When last we left our Intrepid Adventurers, Scout The Wonder Dog had let loose with a Mighty Bark into the inky darkness of the Texas night, signalling that he sensed Danger lurking in the shadows.

"I think that's just The Caveman snoring." said Sargevining, "The Weatherman warned me about that when I started putting up our shelter over there yesterday afternoon, its why we're over here on the other side of the camp."

"You snore and it doesn't sound like THAT!" exclaimed Scout.

"That's because I wake myself up when I do." replied Sargevining, " Caveman wears earplugs so he can get a decent night's sleep."

The night brought no further excitement, only rapturous slumber in the comfort of a hammock.

Morning came, and with it breakfast for Scout.

As well as for Mike and Sargevining, which took a bit longer to prepare.

Scout very much liked the biscuits prepared

But the gravy?

Not so much.

Much discussion was made about plans for the day.

"I know of a pond." Said Spaceweasel.

"I know it, too." Said Sargevining.

"Its a big one, with buildings." replied Spaceweasel

"Its a small one in the middle of the woods." said Sargevining

"Its at the end of a road." said Spaceweasel.

"Its off to the side of the road in the middle of it." noted Sargevining

"Its quite a hike there." said Spaceweasel

"Its quite close." said Sargevining

"Who's on first?" asked Scout.

Both of them quite sure of the nature and location of the pond, they agreed to go find it.

They followed blazes that were blue

And blazes that were red

And blazes that weren't blazes anymore

They found several excellent campsites that Scout approved of for use in the future. And they found an odd growth in young oaks in the undergrowth beside the trail.

They came to a road and followed it to its end where a gate prevented going any further. Both agreed that there was likely a large pond with buildings on the other side of the gate.

They found an abandoned jeep track near the gate and followed it to see if it went around. There was evidence that life is cheap in the wilderness

And catfish where catfish do not swim

Then, suddenly, they found ------ The Evidence.

Evidence that there were indeed backwoods villians who have visited the area, though none of them from thier party, and some time ago.

With heavy hearts, they retraced thier steps and attempted to find the other pond. They reached the road near their campsite.

"Look out!" Scout whispered to Sargevining, "That Spaceweasel has pulled out a dangerous weapon!"

"Its his GPS," said Sargevining reassuredly, "How dangerous it is remains to be seen."

In a short time, The Spaceweasel led them to this bucolic little pond nestled in the busom of the pines.

Scout wasted no time drinking his fill from the pond, and taking a refreshing swim.

He advised Sargevining that he, too, should avail himself of the opportunity to cool down, as one always should when hiking in high, humid temperatures

Well pleased with themselves, the trio returned to camp to report thier findings and take a well deserved rest. Sargevining checked to see if the wet clothing from yesterday's rain had dried, and was a bit disappointed that they were not completely dry---such was the amount of humidity that day.

Suppers were consumed, and all present turned in shortly after dark to sleep after a busy day filled with hiking. The next morning decamping was performed almost immediately upon waking as all had long drives home.

Having more gear than the others, Sargevining and Scout were the last to leave. Scout looked about the campsite, pleased that little trace had been left behind, and Sargevining welcomed the brief solitude in a setting that reminded him of all that has been given him by the Creator.

All in all, it was a pleasant trip with good companions. Scout The Wonder Dog returned to his secret identity as the mild mannered country dog who spends his time sleeping under the house, and Sargevining to his work-a-day job, both of them thinking of the next time they will venture forth to cheat death and danger once again in the wild parts of Texas.