Hammock Bliss Single Hammock

So I got the Hammock Bliss Single Hammock. As soon as I got it I set it up on the deck and my daughter came running out and jumped in it. She instantly fell in love with this product. She has now claimed this hammock as her own and doesn’t like it if someone else is in it without her.

The HB Single is your basic parachute nylon hammock. Really comfortable, compact and has many uses. This is a no-net hammock meaning that there is no attached bug net. This is a pro in many ways as you can use it as a chair; it is lighter, more breathable and so on. The hammock has an attached stuff sack that can be used as storage when empty. There is however a Hammock Bliss Net Cocoon bug net you can buy that works well with this product.
There are two different styles of the Hammock Bliss Single hammock that you can purchase. The first being one single piece of material and the second is a two colored hammock with two pieces of material. I found the one color, one piece of material Single Hammock to be much more comfortable. The two colored hammock, with two pieces of material was less comfortable because there is stitching on both sides of the hammock where the color changes. This caused pressure points in the hammock and whatever part of me was lying on the stitching would quickly become sore. So if you are going to purchase one of these hammocks don’t go for style just get the single piece of one colored material.

If this product gets wet it dries indoors in about one hour, outdoors it can dry in 30min depending on the day. This hammock can hold up to 350lb, which is a lot for a single; it weighs in at 17oz or 1lb. The hammock is listed as 4’11”x9’10”.

It comes with 100” of 6mm Nylon climbing rope on each side for suspension. The way the suspension works is you wrap it around the tree once and then tie it in a bow knot on the other side. I am not a fan of this type of suspension system. Although it is effective and does not fail, I am just not a fan of it. It can be easily swapped out for something better. I have not noticed after sleeping in this system that there was any stretching in the suspension. That is the worst, when you wake up in the morning only to find out you have been sleeping on the ground because your suspension stretched out.

Overall it is a good comfortable hammock; I plan to use it again soon.

Thanks for reading and you can watch the video review on my links below