I am new to hammocks but I just decided to incorporate a ring buckle suspension on my Claytor Jungle Hammock. I am a little weary about attaching a cord to the end of my hammock using a larkshead.

My idea is as follows:

1) Using 4 ft of 1 inch seat belt webbing from Strapworks to go through the channel at the end of the hammock where the current webbing goes. This webbing comes with loops on both ends to which I would attach a carabiner.

2) I would attach the carabiner to the 2 descending rings.

3) Then I would attach another say 10ft piece of webbing to the tree with another carabiner and thread the webbing through the descending rings.

Basically I would be replacing the cord with 4 ft of webbing and instead of using a knot to attach it to the rings I would use a carabiner.

I am I missing something here. I prefer this method because I prefer using the channel that already exists for the webbing on my hammock. And I prefer using a carabiner instead of a knot to attach the webbing to the rings.