Well, except for Cannibal... he cheats!

I hung it on a cheap Home Depot hammock stand in the garage. It just barely fits - I put the small amsteel fixed loop that connects the webbing buckles to the hammock on the hooks on the stand, and it worked just about perfectly.

Having not slept in it yet, I am not quite ready to post a full review yet, but I will say that this thing feels absurdly spacious, with absolutely no shoulder squeeze, and with your head elevated just enough that you don't need a pillow. There's definitely not a lot of sideways space in the middle of the hammock if you're a fetal sleeper, but Brandon has already mentioned that. For a back sleeper, though, holy crap is this thing flat and roomy.

I've tried the JRB bridge before, and found it to be very confining, between the bug net in front of your face, and the shoulder squeeze, but the Ridgerunner feels totally different.

My Blackbird will always be my first love, but Brandon did a heck of a job on this hammock. Can't wait to try it out on an overnighter.