Gunner - I think the two-layer Ridgerunner would be ok structurally with 275 in it. I played around in mine last night, and the poles barely felt like they had any tension on them when they were weighted b/c all the force is compression. It'll take a LOT of compression force to damage the poles if you keep them in line. The hammock is hung on amsteel, which will easily support 275, and the rest of the load-bearing materials seem stronger than most hammocks.

Obviously I haven't done all the testing that Brandon has, but I'm also not financially responsible for something going wrong on the hammock so I don't need to be as conservative as him! Seriously, I think the Ridgerunner won't have any problem holding your weight. That doesn't necessarily mean it'll be comfortable b/c bigger folks might find it kinda narrow across the hips, but if the only thing holding me back was a 25 lbs difference in the weight limit, I'd personally feel comfortable giving it a try.