I have had my sights set on a Traveler for nearly a year now. I want it as a winter hammock; in temps below 50º, I don't need the bugnet, which traps the condensation from my breath, and I wake up damp.

My only experience sleeping in an "open" hammock is in my old Skeeter Beeter, flipped over with the bug net underneath. In fact, I kind of like the open feel of this. I intend to order one next week (after Isaac passes), and I hope to use it on my AT Section hike at the end of September.

So I am looking for any information on the Traveler. What should I expect? How is this different from an upside-down Skeeter Beeter? How will my under quilts fit? Compared to the SB, the Traveler is 6" shorter and 6" wider. I know how comfortable the WBBB is as compared to the SB, but the Blackbird has a footbox and the Traveler does not.

Any accounts of the Traveler is welcome information.