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    I'm going through some similar choices regarding the traveler. I think I'm going to get the double layer 1.1. I'll be interested to hear how your underquilts fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffalo Skipper View Post
    OK, after some debate and discussion, I decided upon the Traveler 1.7 Single. There are advantages to the double, but for me, I felt the single was what I needed.

    I spent an hour last night weighing my current suspension pieces on and off my Blackbird, and I decided that my straps and toggles are what will benefit me most, weight wise, so I will be making one more set of whoopie slings and picking up another set of Harbor Freight straps. This was not an easy decision to reach, as I also was comparing against other products out there on the market.

    Once I actually get the hammock, I will weigh my set-up against the stock to see which will actually be better for me.

    Hope I have made the best choices for me. Now the waiting begins! Hope all the RidgeRunner activity does not delay my Traveler too much....
    I've been in the same boat as you. I just pulled the trigger on a 1.1 single and I plan to cannibalize the upgrades on my ENO to see which suspension set up I prefer.

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