i just up-loaded pictures of a project i've been playing around w/ for a while.
it's end covers for the hammock. they provide additional protection from blowing rain as well as providing storage for gear.
with this system on the hammock, i have multiple storage lofts in place when i hang my hammock. only one extra line to tie to the tree at the head end.
but for those who use more sag in their hammock & have a permanent ridge line, they would not even have that extra line to attach. but the tension may still need to be adjusted between the two points where the end covers attach to the ridge line to get things tight.
i feel much better about this prototype than previous tries, but it's still a prototype. i plan to make another soon that will be yet cleaner & simpler, but it will basically have the same features as this one.
i'll post weights later, but i'm thinking not much more than 10 ozs for both end covers w/ attachments. also w/ this system, a shorter tarp could be used... that would help off set the small weight gain.
and i plan to use the end cover at the foot end as the storage bag. when i make another, i will add a draw string around the mouth.
next i will make a sock that will be attached & stored in the foot end when not used.