So, this morning, MrsMustardman and I set up the Spindrift sock along with our Ridgerunner bridge hammock, and tried it out. Again, not having spent a night with it yet, I won't attempt a full review, but I'll give my early, initial thoughts.

The good:
  • It is really spacious
  • It blocks wind quite well
  • It's nice and warm
  • It packs small and fits into the stock Ridgerunner Bishop Bag while still on the hammock

The not-so-good:
  • It's a pain in the neck to put on
  • It really isn't necessary to make the user switch shockcord from the netting to the sock. For the insignificent cost and weight penalty, I really think another set of cords and hooks should be included.
  • The grommets are just barely big enough to fit the amsteel suspension through - using just a slightly larger size would be a massive improvement.

Really, the design of the sock is quite nice, and the cost is reasonable. It does a heck of a good job of blocking wind and really would help with keeping you warmer. I could even see using it as an underquilt replacement on nights where it's relatively warm, but breezy enough that your back gets chilled in a bare hammock.

That said, the design where you have to completely disassemble the suspension and feed it through the grommets is every bit as annoying as I feared it would be. If you plan to leave the sock on the hammock for your entire trip, it's fine, but if you want to be able to add or remove the sock as you see fit, for different weather conditions, it would be a major hassle in the field.

We've already talked about modding the sock to have a long velcro slot so the suspension could be fed through without disassembling it, or at bare minimum, replacing the grommets with larger grommets so it's easier to feed the suspension through the holes. The current design certainly seals up quite well, and that was probably the entire point, but I'd prefer something just a bit easier to put on.