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    I And my Family wen't to Zaleski State Park on this past very Humid Sunday up to the first Campsite to hang our Hammocks for the first real dirt time. The outing that was undecided to stay out or to just get a real good feel for getting our feet wet on Hammocking for a day was worth it ,we did enjoy ourselves for what we could make of it and the conditions. We did not end up staying the night for several reasons. One was this was my 10yr. old sons/ 2 Dogs first real time backpack\camping trip and I wanted it to be a first good experience. So I felt very uncomfortable taking the risk of staying out there without the proper gear for a night outing...not that we couldn't make it for a night I just didn't want to ruin it for the family. The Second was where we ended up setting up our Camp for the day experience was a nice place except for we ended up being where a huge Bee hive was. So I made the call for the day after the complaints from the family started coming in about being worried of being stung. All in All we will be doing this again shortly and more ,just by then we hope to have some extra few things for the security of comfort to make it a better nights stay! On the way out we ran into 2 guys from this forum that was headed to where we were at. It was a pleasure to meet them and I wish I'd had more time to spend with them. They know who they are... so I wanted to Thank them for taking the time to stop and talk to us for a bit. I look forward to spending more time out with them and others in the future.
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