Thanks to all of you who have contributed and given me ideas to play with. One of the things I love about the hammock is that I can play with it all day.. 1st the suspension then the ridge line and on and on.
Yesterday I got the idea of pulling up the back side of the hammock so I could lean back without laying down .
I accomplished this by clipping a small biener to the ridge line. Then I picked up a rock that would not fit threw the biener. Pull some fabric from the back edge of the hammock and tuck it threw the biener and wrap it around the rock to hold it in place. Repeat on the left side. I placed the rocks about 12-18 inches from the ends.
Now I can lean back in the hammock without laying down. The structural ridge line holds the back side of the hammock up like the back of a chair.
Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I'm using my phone. The internet has been down since Friday morn.