Well I got the Ridgerunner in the mail today and gave it a quick set up in the back yard. To say I'm impressed is an understatement. Look for my Blackbird in the for sale section lol

Some quick stats. I'm 6'-6" tall, 215 pounds. I sleep on my back and side normally...

This is the exact lay I have been looking for in a hammock ever since I started hammocking. It is by far an away the most comfortable hammock I have been in. No calf ridge, the view out of it is amazing, the storage on both sides is genious. I tried it without a pad, with an inflatable pad, and with my Phoenix UQ...comfortable in all scenarios. For those of you wondering if the Phoenix fits...it does! I thought it fit quite well myself. I only have about 20 minutes of lay time in it so far, but I know it's my new go to hammock. My fiancee' came out to give it a try and was immediately impressed by it. She liked it a lot more than my other hammocks, and she is a critic lol

Here are a couple quick photo's of it with the Phoenix attached. I plan to do a more in depth review when I have a moment to get some video and what not.

Kudos Brandon, you killed it again man, and prove why you are at the top of the game