So as couple weeks ago I was loading up for a quick solo overnight and my kiddos started winning that they had not gotten to go camping this year. Between some other trips, the anniversary sale and a load of things that just conspired to keep us all out of the woods we just had not squeezed in a trip. Wife and I decided we needed to get out for an overnight trip before things went on any further.

So we packed up the gear on Friday night and hit the road first thing in the morning. After a few hours drive we pulled into a campground in The Middle Of No Where, Idaho. Its right between Lost, Idaho and I Think I Have Been Here Before...Maybe, Idaho. We picked out a site that had good spacing on several sets of trees and set about making some lunch before heading a few miles further to the river we would be fishing for the day.

Rock Hopper decided to start in on his trip report in his travel journal right off the bat.

We drove down the few miles and picked a spot to park along the road and we got right after it. The water in the river is low but nice deep pools have formed that each hold a nice trout.

Princess with one of her first Fine Spotted Cutthroat, a subspecies of the Yellowstone Cutthroat.

There are at least 3 species of fish in the river, Brook Trout, Rainbows and the Cutthroats.

For the first few hours we worked our way up river from pool to pool trading off taking turns fishing a spot then hiking up to the next. We covered a couple miles of river winding our way up the river where we could and then through the sage brush lined banks where we could not wade.

The Dude, being followed by Princess.

Rock Hopper with the river behind.

After a number of hours and having worked over several sections of the river we decided it was time to head back to the campground to set up for the night...And get some dinner.

It took me a while to get things set up for all of us but we had trees lined up just right.

Rock Hopper on the left with his Grand Trunk UL with a Jarbidge and a Shangri La. The Dude in the middle in front of my DIY hammock with a Jarbidge below a WBBB 1.1DBL that he would have for the night with a Toxoway behind for wind block. Chipmunk in front of the Hard Rock with a WBBB 1.1DBL .

The Hard Rock with the BB under it sporting Princess's Pink Quilt set showing through.

Chipmunk needed to show off some for the camera.

After a little dinner we HAD to roast marshmallows so I got a small fire going and we waited for some coals.

In the morning the crew had us up just as the sun was coming up. Breakfast, change clothes, pack hammocks and gear back up and ready to roll back down to the river for some more fishing. We hit the water and walked the bank for a few hours until it started to warm up.

Princess working a spot.


One of the smaller but more colorful Cutthroat.

The river winds is way back and forth in deep S curves through the willows in the bottom of this flat valley. Small beaver dams pool up the stream in spots but each curve holds a deep hole with wild fish holding in the crystal clear waters.

The Crew looking for the spot to cross.

Princess with another nice Cutthroat.

About 12 inches of fight.

As the day wore on we decided we should head for home. We took a little drive further up the road to see some more of where it headed up stream from where we had been so far in the valley.

The stream shrinks to a small trickle and the road continues on around the bend towards the mountains, yet for us to explore.

Maybe next time, after a nap.