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    I would agree with those who say to wait. There are many reasons - development of a puppy's bones, lack of discipline, etc.

    Before you take a dog on their first hike, make sure they have basic commands down pat - sit, down, come, stay, heel, leave it, and so forth. It may save your dog's life.

    Start preparing by getting the pup used to booties if possible. Work on commands daily.

    Remember, only use your pup's name when the result is positive - pat on the head or small treat - and she will be more apt to come when called by that name. If you use it associated with punishment, she'll run away when called.

    Get her used to noises, expose her to other animals where sensible - dog parks are good, cats if you have them, etc. Bunnies and squirrels can make a dog go astray.

    Also, study the breed. Know her instinctual reactions to things. For example, we have Labradors. They will chase anything you throw. They are as attracted to water as a magnet to a fridge. Typically, they like to "scout" on the trail - they don't like to stay in "heel." They run ahead and then check back for direction. It's part of how they hunt. So knowing that, I trust Kenai off her leash, but I also know she'll listen if I call her. This has been tested on daily walks and occasionally, she has an "off" day where I keep her on lead because she's not listening.

    I know that when other people or dogs approach or even horses, Kenai will listen and react the way I have trained her. But that only comes with practice and lots of trust built over a long time. I would not have trusted her like this when she was a puppy.

    Sorry if that's long winded. Main thing is: Congrats on the puppy! Work hard and build a great bond and you'll have lots of great times! But keep each other safe!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dankie View Post
    The best recommendation is not taking a 12 week old into the wilderness. Please ask your vet before you do this. While pups are younger than 1 vets ask you not to walk them as their bones are still developing. let It run around your garden, but don't over exercise it!!
    We will talk to the vet as she is scheduled to see her 1 week before we leave...This breed of dog is expected to be able to hunt (run with other dogs) by 6 months old and should be able to hunt and tree on it's own by 1 year old...When growing up we raised beagles and coonhounds to hunt...Sometimes the coonhounds would run MILES before they would tree or even come back to us...I'm not expecting her to walk a .25 mile every mile...The 4 days are VERY flexible as we have no need to hurry...If we finish in 2-3 days or 4-5 days...

    Quote Originally Posted by dankie View Post
    How much time when you are covering 10-15 miles a day do you think you will have to care for your puppy?
    We will have ALL day to care for the puppy...Like I said we are planning on 10-15 miles but if we only go 5-6 miles that is fine with us...There is no time frame...

    Quote Originally Posted by dankie View Post
    Would you take a 1 and a half year old into the wilderness planning to cover 10-15 miles a day?
    We took both our boys when they were 2 and 3.5 on a 5 days camping trip in which we covered 30 miles...Actually we both had kid carriers which allowed the kid to ride in front on our chest...We were never far from civilization and could easily get help if we needed...They are 10.5 and 9 now...

    I believe there is risk for ANYONE (man or pet) when going into the woods...I was raised in the country and my family raised/trained hunting dogs when I was as a young kid/teenager...I have seen pads get thorns and cuts and have treated them...I have seen dogs get into porcupines and skunks...Things do happen...BUT...We can take every precaution that we can to minimize the chances of something happening...We are trying to enjoy our puppy and look out for her at the same time...

    Like I said before she sees the vet again the week before we leave so we will see what she says...Thanks for your thoughts...It is GREATLY appreciated...

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    If you decide to take the puppy on the trip after checking with the vet and reviewing the other information provided I would recommend the following as basics:

    A blue pad for rest time so they can start learning their place on trips when they're older.

    A small fleece or other kind of lightweight blanket for nights and resting as the puppy may get chilled before you do.

    Boots are a great idea to protect pads and your hammock. Just make sure to get them used to them at least a week or two out and on walks. I'm glad I had a pair for my year old ridgeback mix when we discovered glass and other garbage in camp and on a heavily used trail.

    Their own bowl/towel etc.

    I went with ruffwear through REI a while back on these items due to their refund policy. At that time I wasn't sure he wasn't finished growing yet have had them for the past few years and they go on every trip even if not used.

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    Glad to see you're knowledgeable and experienced. Kudos to you!

    I put a blanket in the 'mock before I get in then give my 60lb dog the command to join me. Been doing that several times a month for 1-1/2 years now and haven't ruined a 'mock yet. Dog booties is a great idea, pack better than a spare blanket!
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