So i have commented on threads already but realized I have not introduced myself yet. I'm in between homes right now. My first home wouldn't sell in the economy so we decided to rent it out. While living there I had a great grape arbor. The posts were a perfect distance for a hammock. I didn't want to jump feet first into the deep end so to speak, so I started with a Grand Trunk single to get my feet wet.

I started with lazy day naps which were fine as long as the sun wasn't in my eyes. I did try one night in the hammock but gave up after an hour of freezing my tail end off. So I started more research and stumbled across Shug's hilarious youtube channel. I got many great ideas but was short on $$$. Winter came and I put up the hammock. With it went my interest till spring. I was excited to pull it back out and start experimenting. That was till the wife said lets rent the house since it's not selling. All my time and energy went into the house then so couldn't really focus on the hammock ideas. Finally found some renters and moved in with the in-laws while looking for my new place.

I do have a place to hang here and even tried a full night in the single. I think I came to the conclusion it's just too small of a hammock for a good lay. Then I had to go and try to find Shug's channel all over again for some new/old ideas. This of course led me to the greatest forum ever!!!

Been cruising the forums for months now trying to decide how to get involved without dumping a lot of $$$, gathering fresh ideas and debating on DIY or purchase one. Last night I finally order 3 tablecloths for me, my wife and one for the kids to play in. I decided this would be a great place to start and if the "addiction" takes hold... Oh man it looks like I could be in some serious trouble. Given from what I read here.

My oldest is 6 and in two more years gets to start his awesome scouting life. Not sure if I'm more excited for him or if he is. I am an Eagle Scout myself with lots of camps and backpacking trips while scouting. All on the ground though. I am excited to start camping with my boy and scouts but this time... Hammocks!!!

Okay this intro went on way to long. So I'm waiting for my DIY hammocks to show up and then get the family into hanging. This could be a fun experience with my Geocaching hobby as well. So here I am and hope to stay.