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    Quote Originally Posted by XTrekker View Post
    Just watch all of Shugs videos. You will be a seasoned veteran after watching those videos. Or check out the stickies above. Slam-packed with all the info you need.
    I was just going to suggest the same thing. I learned so much about hammocks, under quilts, top quilts, tarps, slings, etc. from Shug's videos. Just do a youtube search for

    Shug Hammock Newbie

    Start with video #1 and continue all the way to episode 10. They're informative and really funny.

    At 60 degrees you can probably just use an insulated sleeping pad and a regular down mummy bag opened up like a top quilt. That's one of the nice things about hammocks. You can move into it by steps. I, like many folks, have to be very careful with my spending right now so I'm moving into the hammock world piece by piece. Start with a hammock, bug net and tarp but use your own sleeping pad and bag for insulation. Then add in an under quilt and replace the pad. Then a hammock specific over quilt to replace the mummy bag.

    . . . under 4 pounds. That's comparable to most ground setups with tent, pad, and sleeping bag. Many folks carry tents heavier than that.
    Yep, when I bought my backpacking tent 10 years ago a 5 pound tent was "ultra light". My sleeping bag is rated at +15 degrees but weighs 3 pounds. My Thermarest pad is about 1.5 pounds for a total of 9.5 pounds just for my sleeping system. Add in a Kelty Tioga backpack at 4.5 pounds and I'm already at 14 pounds just for my sleeping system and backpack. By switching to a hammock/under quilt/top quilt system with a GoLite backpack I think I can cut that weight in half and be vastly more comfortable. My goal is to have my entire 3 day backpack with food come in at under 15 pounds. That's just 1 pound more than my sleeping system is alone right now.
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    Thank you so very much for all the great feedback...
    I will watch the shug vids and hopefully learn a thing or two..

    I really appreciate the help as it is very easy to get caught up and spend like a wild man..

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