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    Eastern Great Lakes Hang - Sept 28-30, 2012 - Autumn Paddle in Algonquin

    Calling paddlers & hangers,

    I can't believe it's been a year since our last EGL paddle in Algonquin, but since we had such a great time, we're going to throw our canoes in the water again and paddle away for a long weekend trip in our own Piney Woods.

    Although we're planning on a two night trip, we'll definitely be camping within range of someone wanting to come in for the Saturday night only. Locations haven't been fixed, but it's between Ragged/Parkside Bay and Lake Louisa.

    Although I have my own preference, let's get some feedback. It comes down to a 2895m vs a 240m. But sometimes the rewards are worth the extra effort, and it's only one portage after all. One advantage of single portage... Good food!!!!! Expect a BBQ the first night for sure!!!!

    Don't forget to bring your camera!!!

    So if you're interested, just post a response. It'd be nice to see some of the new Canadian hangers and even some of you South of the border. We've already got most of one site filled, but will be more than happy to open a second.

    Responses so far...

    Looking back to shore...(aka Confirmed)
    Chard - D'uh!
    Dant8ro - Arrr, now that's the spirit!
    Ryvr - How bad can it get with a master chef on hand?
    Jayson - On board!!

    On the docks checking out the waters...(aka Positive but unconfirmed)
    Bubba - Definitely looking good!
    Brantwing - You know you want to!!
    Jiblets - So far so good
    Bcaron - Tentatively positve
    Kasuko - Have hammock. Will travel.

    Trying to get the canoe on the car...(aka Unconfirmed)
    [o[TTer - Entering complex and delicate negotiations with key stakeholders

    Staring sadly at the canoe gathering dust in the garage rafters...(Confirmed not coming)
    Deadeye - Out - In the bush the last two weekends of Sept

    Smoke/Ragged/Parkside Bay

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