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Thread: tarp for $60

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    That is the tarp I've been using for years it's not silnylon but it is super water proof polyester coated. I've ridden out some big... Arizona monsoon thunderstorms with it and stayed super dry. To be honest mine is 8x10 and on my scale weighs in at 18oz. And by the way the grommets are made very well and I have had no problems with rust or them comming out with wind gust of 45mph. Here in Tucson a store called summit hut sells it for $50 it also packs down to 1/3 of the stuff sack size easily. I also own a guide guide 12x12 tarp and I feel like the Tera nova tarp is made way..... Better and the seams are already sealed super well on mine never had a leak yet knock on wood. Ymmv
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