Received the Blackbird single layer 1.1 today!
First impressions from the Mt.Ashwabay Hammock test Area (MAtHA)
1. Total weight including the supplied tree huggers & Bishop style bag just broke 20oz. I really like the double sided chord locked Bishop style bag. Similar to the hh ss stuff bag. If you want to rig simple (no rings, buckles or biners) and the ~5ft huggers are long enough you have a pretty light package.
2. If you have every rigged a hammock this unit is a no brainier. Simple straight forward.
3. Quality construction. Time will be the ultimate test.
4. Depending on you angle of lay from the butt to the feet is flat to what feels slightly elevated or slightly down. No shoulder squeeze.
5. Roomy interior. Think I'm going to really love the shelf.
6. The JRB WeatherShield 2 is a perfect fit with one small "modification". On the entry side I took a length of AirCorePro clipped one end around the WS2 grosgrain loop and attached the other end via a Klemheist knot (a prusiking type of knot) to the shock chord that tensions the Blackbird tie out. The grosgrain loop is ideally located. You can adjust the WS2 tension from inside the hammock. End result is a perfect fitting WS2 and it will be difficult to snag the WS2 while zipping close the Blackbird.
7. The JRB Nest seems to fit very nice. Tonights sleep test will provide some more feedback.

Though the Blackbirds first night was going to be under the stars. While admiring this hammock in the last light of day hanging between couple 60-90 year old red oaks the wind shifted from NE to SW. Within a couple minutes heavy clouds blew in. Had to rapidly deploy the MC Spinntex Deluxe. If it stops raining photos to follow tomorrow.