The temps dropped to below 0C (32F) yesterday afternoon.
Since my Vario Hammock stand arrived on Thursday afternoon,
i rigged everything in the backyard before going to a Halloween party.

Got home at 24.00 , jumped into the hammock and
was sound asleep at 00.20. (not entirely sober)

Vario Hammock stand
Mac Cat Standard Tarp
Warbonnet Blackbird SL
preachers 1/2 UQ (Down)
Western Mountaineering Caribou Sleeping bag 35F

I was wearing a wool underkit and Western Mountaineering Flight jacket,
The plan was to use the jacket until i was warm and toasty and then stuff it
in a bag and use it as a pillow.
Never happened, fell asleep.
Slept late.

I was warm the hole night and i am super pleased with both the UQ and
the Warbonnet Blackbird SL.

I have several hammocks now
  1. Clark NA
  2. Claytor
  3. DD
  4. Warbonnet Blackbird

And im pretty sure the Blackbird will be my number uno hammock from now on

Thanks for a excellent hammock Brandon