Bigfoot2 & Wife, Gary R and Rip, thank you so much for organizing this Hang, it was great and perfectly organized. Gary R was such a great asset, he made sure all of us ladies were set-up-properly, he loaned out his equipment, cut logs so it was easier to move around the site, he also did many other chores to be sure we felt comfortable and safe, great job Gary. I think you should be called R-Gary!

Bigfoot2 and Jennifer did a great job on bringing extra food and drink. As I said the organization was perfect, Rip was very knowledgeable and helpful, so much work went into making this hang a great success.

All of us are from different walks of life, the HAMMOCKS are the matrix. We talked bikes, everything from a 125cc Vespa to Triumph 40 incher. Building Kayaks, where to eat when you are hungry, even world travel was discussed.

The Hammock related vendors offered great prizes, Bigfoot2 did an excellent job on that project. Tom Hennessy offered his much desired "Hyperlite A-sym Zip, complete with his new super mat & snake skins skins. There were too many sponsors for me to name.

Thank you everyone who made this event possible. A diverse group of people, booze, food, good conversation, dogs, hammocks, what more could a person want, oh yes, no bugs, no snakes, excellent weather, not too hot, not too cold and NO RAIN.

Very well done. And again thank you to all the sponsors.