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    I made the PLTQ 7' x 30" with the foot pocket seamed up about 24". The PLUQ is folded the other way to make a 5' x 3.5' doubled. I am still tinkering with the suspension but i think it will work.

    I also made a top quilt out of heavy fleece and it works well with the PLTQ. The fleece was about $6.00 a yard and I used 2 1/3 yards of 60" material or 7' x 5'. I am thinking about making a liner sheet of cotton and adding snaps or ties to secure the 3 pieces together.

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    I got my PL delivered today, and already have it rigged as a no-sew. I've also cut a truck-sized winshield reflector to fit in between the layers as extra insulation if needed. I trimmed it a bit on an angle both ends so it fits nicely when the ends of the PLUQ are cinched. Judging from the warmth of these PL's though, I wouldn't need the reflector until it goes down to about freezing, and then some more after that. Great piece of kit!

    I'm also re-stuffing an old sleeping bag with alpaca fleece to use as a top quilt. That stuff is super warm and light as down, so I think I'll be set for winter ok.

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