I did a search to see if this might have been covered before but came up empty-handed, so I'll apologize in advance if this is an old topic . . .

I'm wondering if anyone has rigged a setup to hang their hammock in the back of their truck? I got to looking at the bed of my full-size Chevy the other day (you know the talk about scoping out trees - always looking for the next hang spot) and realized that it's about 10' measured corner to corner diagonally. Yeah, its kinda short, but could still work if hung in a way that eliminated the suspension length.

I'm picturing a post at the two corners, just high enough to keep you from dragging tail when sleeping. Maybe some way to utilize the stake pockets found around the bed? Do newer trucks still have these? (Or even 8' beds?!?)

Just curious if it's been done or discussed before - if not, I may have to step up and innovate!