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Not my experience. I wonder if you were not always set up too tight.

I'm enjoying the NX-150 I bought from you, without complaint, thank you, and glad to have it for a companion, lending out the best bed at the camp site.
I don't think I had it too tight, this is my sixth or seventh hammock and feel I'm pretty good at finding the right hang. If anything, it might have been too loose. Obviously I was doing something wrong, but don't know what. In the five day hike I was on, I did have two nights where nothing broke. Plus, I've been doing this since about 1999 and have averaged about 500 miles a year, plus a AT, Long Trail and FNST through hike, without breaking any of my other hammocks. I do like my Clark Tropical, but would love to try out the Flex 180, but am afraid of the section poles it has, plus it's a little heavy for backpacking. I think maybe I have way too many hammocks.

Anyway, glad you are having good luck with it!