Hi, everyone. I'm planning on going backpacking in the Sipsey Wilderness on the last weekend in September. I'd love to have some company if anyone is interested. I'm not an exeptionally fast hiker. I work behind a desk which has robbed me of much of my former fitness level which was never especially high to begin with. Here is a link to a site with maps and trail descriptions. http://www.sipseywilderness.org/ I'm flexible with plans if someone has a better idea, but here is what I'm thinking right now.
We arrive at the Randolph trailhead about 2:00 in the afternoon on Friday. (I'm driving 5.5 hours from Ocean Springs, MS). We hike up trail 201 to the end where it crosses the creek to meet trail 206. We have a look at "Ship Rock" and "Eye of the Needle" in the area. We'll camp a short way on trail 209. Saturday we'll hike down trail 209 until we get to East Bee Branch. We'll hike up trail 204(a) and see "Bee Branch Falls" and the "Big Tree". We'll continue up trail 204 untill we get to trail 224. We'll hike down 224 to the "Bordon "Bridge" We'll hike down trail 200. We'll cross the Sipsey at the ford at the end of trail 209. We'll camp on trail 209 somewhere near "Fall Creek Falls". Saturday's hike should be about 10 miles or so. On Sunday we'll hike up trail 209 untill we get to trail 202. We'll cross the creek and see "Feather Hawk Falls". We'll hike down trail 202 back to the cars at the trailhead.
Anyone want to come?