I ask for a reason. I was realizing tonight I've been getting back outdoors more, in a large part to wanting to camp out with my hammock.

I don't recall being this excited to use my tent. When I used to go adventuring, I'd go for the goal. Often that goal was a certain mountain peak. The tent was just a way to try, and I emphasize try, to keep any rain off me in the night.

In comparison to that, I plan my current trips around places where I can hang a hammock. I go late, hike in a little ways, hang, sleep, wakeup, and leave.

Sometimes, when I can't wait for the next break in my work schedule, I just hang my hammock in the backyard.

I think that last sentence sums it up. I never was so excited about my tent, that I would set it up in the yard, just to sleep in it. Does anyone? I know this might be an unfair question on a hammock forum, but I'm sure many people here came from a ground dwelling past.

I'd be willing to bet, that there are more people out there besides myself, and Shug (he's always filming from his hammock in the back yard.) that will set up a hammock just out their back door for a night sleeping outside.

Am I (almost) alone in this, or are there other people who are equally addicted to getting in some hang time?

You can choose more than one option.