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    Help choosing a hammock for low mountain woods camping

    Hi all, new poster here.

    I am curious what people advice for someone like me. I have lots of camping experience but no hammock experience.

    I am currently thinking of buying the warbonnet blackbird 1.7 double layer hammock, and am debating about whether or not to buy the yeti bottom and top quilt plus tarp at the same time.

    I am planning to camp in the valleys of some low mountains in all seasons including this autumn and winter. I expect it could get quite cold but snow doesn't fall that often in these areas even in the mountains. There are rivers and streams that cool down the valleys quite a bit though.

    Does anyone have any advice for me?

    I live in Tokyo Japan so shipping from the USA is expensive if everything is sent from different manufacturers at different times..if I order it all from one place it saves me a lot of money. Japan makes great products sometimes but camping gear is not one of them unfortunately, camping in Japan means having a barbeque 2 hours from the city and going home the next day for most people.

    Again the things I'm considering and would like advice about:

    Warbonnet 1.7 double layer hammock
    Warbonnet tarp
    Warbonnet yeti and top quilt

    Budget is not really a big deal for me but I don't like wasting money if I can get the same performance out of something cheaper. Weight is a bit of an issue as I am also hauling around gold prospecting equipment to my camp location.

    Thanks all!

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    Hi and Welcome!

    The set up you're thinking of buying sounds great! Here's my only thought: If you're going to use an underquilt, there's not much reason for a double layered hammock. UNLESS: 1. You weigh a lot; or, 2. You plan to supplement your underquilt with a pad for extremely cold weather. A single layer will save you some weight. I guess a double layer will last longer so you won't have to go through all this again for a VERY VERY long time.

    I think you're really smart to order everything at once and I think you'll be very happy with the outfit you've planned. Best of luck to you! Let us know what you decide!!!
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    The Clark hammocks are s-weet if money is no object. There's a comparison chart here on the site that I discovered too late: If I was to do it over I'd start with BIAS or Papa Smurf or anything American made as my foundational piece of gear: I feel bad because I opted for a $20 product from the slave state of China. I will not do it again.
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    Welcome to the forum from Canada. Warbonnet Outdoors makes good stuff. I assume your looking at the three season quilts and will add a pad for winter if needed. If you get much wind where you intent to camp think about the superfly tarp as that will allow you to close the ends of the tarp off .

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    Welcome to HF from Georgia. It looks like you've got a good set up picked out. Hard to go wrong with products from Warbonnet. I agree about the Superfly, if you're going to have just one tarp that would be it. You'll have a variety of pitching options and will appreciate the doors come Winter. Plus it will hide your gold stash better.
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    I think you are on the right track with your selection. The BMJ or the Superfly tarps are both good tarps.
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    Thanks for the advice guys and girls

    One question, the 3 seasons yeti vs the winter yeti - which one would you recommend for me?

    Is there a big difference between the two?

    As for the top quilt - is it necessary? Is a sleeping bag I source locally enough? Budget is not a huge concern but those top quilts are REALLY pricy (Around $400). Is a sleeping bag still necessary if you use the top quilt?

    Also the reasoning for me taking the double layer blackbird is because my girlfriend will probably be joining me - she's a typical tiny Japanese girl weighing around 95lbs. I'm not that heavy but both of us combined I think would be approaching the rated weight of the single layer models.
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    I don't know what the temps you get there so you can figure that out. The quilts usually range for a 3 season of 20* F. and a 0*F for the winter. if it gets regularly below *20 I would consider the winter quilt. As to the addition of a sleeping bag I would only work with just the Top Quilt.
    Also I know that the idea of sleeping two in one hammock is appealing very few pull it off consistently without any issues. Not saying you can't or won't but just a fair warning it may not be as comfortable as you hope.

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    There are hardly any places in Japan that get to 0f/-17c even in the middle of winter! Only in certain parts of Hokkaido in north Japan.

    I guess that means the 3 season yeti should be enough huh..

    About sleeping with the gf in the same hammock, it's hard to imagine until you see how small / thin she is, I'm pretty sure the blackbird double layer will be enough, possibly not exceedingly comfortable but definitely enough.

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    For me the double layered hammock blackbird 1.7 is so much
    more feel quality from the materials point of view.

    I have two 2/3 under quilts. I never use them. Get a full body under quilt,
    its so much easier to set up and covers your feet.

    I have tried two in one hammock double layered but you get so squashed,
    you won`t sleep through, better was two hammocks touching on
    same tree line.


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