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    I just used 2 half hitch knots....I've spent many nights with this set up and never had any problems with slip, but I'm not sure it's the safest way. If you choose to do that, do it at your own risk, and hang close to the groud so you don't have too far to fall if something fails.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stustumble View Post
    I have a HH EXP Deluxe Asym Zip. I can tie the Hennessy lashing but would like to have a faster and more easily adjustable suspension without changing out the factory suspension lines. I have seen posts about using descending rings and a gardia hitch but have heard it puts to much stress on the lines and can wear them out.
    I've been hanging my Hennessy this way for 4 years now, including every night of a 6-month AT thru-hike, and the lines show no particular signs of wear. FWIW.
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