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    Tarp Quality

    Just wondering if anyone has any additional information about the quality and overall performance of tarps in general. Someone pointed me toward the Winter Dream from and it looks pretty nice, but there's not much info out there about them. I've also heard great things about the Old Man Winter tarp from Wilderness logics. I've got their Snipe and really like it. As I look at the pictures of both as I search the web, it got me thinking. Besides weight, is there a difference is "quality" not just between these two vendors but rather all vendors.

    As a newb I am wondering what to look for in tarps regarding tarp quality. I don't want to get into vendor wars or anything, but it's a legitimate question. I've searched the site and there's not much talk in the way of "quality".

    For example, these tarp pullouts. Is one better than the other or is it just a matter of personal preference?
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