I'm new to the site and somewhat new to Hammocking. I got sucked into the vortex a little over a year ago while just batting around the idea of making a hammock of my own one day and looking up info on it. I haven't been tent camping since. I ended up just buying 2 one that I carry everywhere I go (Kayaking, Fishing, Biking, Hiking, and just to the Park) I decided I'd just make one myself later.
Well that day has arrived I just purchased materials to make my first and can't wait. I'm also saving up to buy materials for my first down quilt but I need something in the meantime. Ive just been making due with a wool blanket car sun reflector and a thermal space tarp underneath, but I want something mire reliable.
I just saw some threads on UQs made of poncho liners. I'm quite intrigued by them and am considering making one as a summer UQ. Especially seeing as how I wouldn't be able to use a down one if I made it right now for a few months. It's still in the 90s at night in Texas.

My main question I was wondering if anyone had any experience with adding any kind of extra insulation to a PLUQ, or some type of heat reflective material? I have been thinking of using my Space Tarp on the inside of the PLUQ and was wanting some feedback on the idea.