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    Idea for Under insualtion

    I built a Climashield Modular top quilt a while back.

    M55 shell with no insulation and 5mm silk covered XP liners I can swap in and out out. I finally figured out nano biners are the best way to tie them in. Regular ties just come loose too easily although the nano biners can be a PIA.

    Have a single layer insultex with breathable panels, a 2.5 XP liner and a 5 XP inner that I can mix or match.

    I have a double layer hammock and think I want to carry a very thin piece of CCF like the 1/8th from GG or some reflectix just in case I ever have to go to the ground or as a booster.

    I like the idea of the Eno UQ/ semi pod and was thinking about building something similar IE a modular Eno type UQ M55 with a base layer of 2.5 XP
    with a zipper so I can get inside.

    Would like to build it modular so I could slip in a insultex liner (on the inside) and probably another 2.5 XP or 5 XP liner making either 5 oz total or 7.5 oz total of climashield. The add in liner would not be full length.

    Reason I am thinking about a Eno type is to carry just the 2.5 xp and Insultex liners/top quilt and cover and boost it with the 2.5 XP Eno
    type UQ/Pod.

    Any guesses on how low this would go ??
    I am good to go with just 2.5 XP down to 45dF and add the insultex liner is probably is good to 35-40dF or so.

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    whoop dutch!
    Build it.
    Figuring out a way to seal the ends good, that will be the tricky part, being modular.

    Each layer would need shockcords and cordlocks as far as I can see it. So that will add weight.
    And the layers may need to be differential (one layer bigger than the previous), so as not to compress the insul. and fit proper.

    I still say build it.

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    The shell has nacro biners.
    In this case the 2.5 apex would be sewn into the underquilt with one layer of 5mm silk on one side for protection with a zipper on the side so you can flip it inside out and attach the new liner then turn it right side out.

    That is how I have my top quilt set up.

    The Eno pretty much spans from end to end of the hammock and sort of wraps around you like a cocoon if you fasten it at the top which is what I am thinking about. The shape should hold it fairly close against the bottom. At least I think that is the way it works. The loose areas can be filled with a jacket or space blanket etc.

    Link to an Eno video. This is what I am thinking about. Something similar.

    Link to what my top quilt looks like.
    My current quilt is Similar but this is my old one, and the new one has nacro biners.

    My old one had a permanent 3.3 XP climashield layer built in with a single layer of 5mm silk for protection. The white one next to it in the photos is a 5XP quilt covered with 5mm silk. That is a liner to be added in.

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