So, I am just getting into this whole hammocking thing...I currently am looking at acquiring an UQ...I live in Oregon and as we all know it gets wet and cold here in the winters...I would like to do some fall/winter hammocking to get my setup dialed in. It gets down into the 30s and lower at night in some places I go backpacking near Portland, even in the spring and early summer.

Anyways, I was out in my garage today and completely forgot about an old Camp7 down sleeping bag my mom and dad gave me. It's probably 30+ years old, but I still use it now and then for backpacking in the winter months. It's heavy. Maybe 3-4lbs. But it's rated down to below 0F according to my dad. And it's still a really nice sleeping bag. I keep it stored in a cool, dry place.

Would I be crazy to turn this awesome sleeping bag into an UQ (and maybe a TQ if there is enough left over)??? I don't know much about sewing but there are some HFers in Portland that can help me out with this if I choose to go this route. Thoughts?